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California Trip - La Jolla 2019

I’m so excited to finally be sharing more about my trip to California! As a lot of y’all know - the west coast is my favorite! Especially for photography. I love the warm weather, the lack of rain storms, and the gorgeous landscapes that the west coast has to offer. When I had the opportunity to travel to Southern California for a wedding - I jumped on the chance to do it! The couple I photographed, Amanda and Mason, are absolutely amazing! It was such an honor to fly across country to photograph their love story. But more on the wedding later! My photog bestie, kristen Pugh, traveler with me on this great adventure. Kristen is the best travel companion! She’s always up for a fun time and is never afraid to try something new! We had a ton of fun plans for our trip - most of them revolving around photography. We stayed in La Jolla, which is a gorgeous vacation spot near San Diego. We explored the cove, met the cutest sea lions, and shot some amazing films on the cliffs. We enjoyed countless brunches and delicious seafood - and of course some local wine. On our last night, we met up with one of my best friends from college and had the best time catching up as we watched the sunset over the San Diego pier. Enjoy the photos! All of these were shot on 35mm or medium format film. Can’t wait to visit this gorgeous state again ❤️

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