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My first roll of film

Happy Tuesday! Welcome to my very first roll of film! Shooting medium format film has always been a dream of mine. I was a bit intimidated by the process - but I am so happy I bit the bullet, bought the Contax 645, and started shooting! I have been having so much fun!!

I was nervous shooting my first roll. I still have so much to learn. Fiddling around with this new clunky camera, trying to meter the light, manual focus, and being 100% sure of my composition was all very challenging. I took my little brother James out to the front yard, and explained to him that I was shooting film. Confused - he asked, "what in the world is that?"

Being the hipster and musician he is - he ate it up. He then said, "Oh, so it's like vinyl for your eyevballs!"

YES, exactly James. I could not have said it better myself...

I’ve gotten a lot of questions since I announced this week that I now also shoot medium format film. To clear up confusion - film photography is not videography. I know, it’s confusing! Film photography is taking it old school! Your parents wedding was probably shot on film. This Contax camera takes actual rolls of film - no memory cards, and I can’t see the photos on the camera or put them on a computer immediately. I send these rolls of film to get developed! Pretty cool, right?

So why shoot film if it’s old technology? Well, digital photography is amazing, I will always shoot digital! BUT. Nothing can quite beat the authenticity of film. A film strip absorbs light and creates a soft, romantic and beautiful image. Shooting film involves much more thought to ensure that every image has the correct film exposure, composition and lighting. I’m shooting film for ME! I love the process, the results, and the excitement of receiving the film scans back after weeks of anticipation. I wanted to do something that would challenge and excite me. So here’s to trying new things and always learning.

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