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Meet one of my all time favorite families (and my great friends!), then Ard family.

Kelly, Dalton and Aplin make for one good looking family! Dalton and Kelly have some great hair genes that they passed on to sweet Aplin.

After the Auburn win against Texas A&M, we woke up super early to soak up the great win amongst the rolled tree's at Toomer's Corner. Rolling the trees at Toomer's Corner is a beautiful tradition that Auburn fans have done for years!

Kelly works for Auburn University, Dalton owns a CrossFit gym in Auburn and teaches an Auburn University PE class at his gym - and they are also huge Auburn football fans. So photographing them on campus after an Auburn win was perfect for their family.

Enjoy their session highlights and let's all pray that we get a couple more Auburn Football wins so I can photograph in the Winner Wonderland again! ;)

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