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Happy Monday! I felt quite the #MondayMotivation today - and knew that I had to catch up on the blog! I've had so many gorgeous family and portrait sessions lately - I can't wait to share them all!

For now - here is the #gorgeous Owen family. The Owen family really had it going on during their early morning session a couple weeks ago. These were shot at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham at around 8 am - and let me just tell you - morning sessions are the best! The light is beautiful, the temperatures are cool, and kids are *usually* in sweet happy moods in the morning.

Little Gray and Charlie are the cutest brothers. It was easy to keep them smiling, because they were promised donuts after the shoot. (I always smile when I know donuts are in my future too ;) )

Katie Beth and Brandon's boys are so well behaved and CUTE. We had the best time smiling and laughing! Scroll down to see their session highlights!

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