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Collegiate Wear - EVERYWHERE

Hello there!! I JUST got back from vacationing in Jamaica with my cute hubby - and WOW, did we have a blast. A little break was just what I needed! Coming back to reality after a vacay is never easy - but I had this awesome shoot to look forward to sharing with you all!

I am a huge lover of fashion and commercial photography. I love styling outfits and getting creative with trending fashion pieces.

This shoot posed to be a bit of a challenge for me. Challenges are my fav.

COLLEGIATE WEAR. Collegiate wear is a tough one to make look cool and current to match with street style. But luckily for us, we had some awesome retro pieces to work with.

My goal with this shoot was to show off that collegiate wear can TOTALLY be integrated into your normal everyday street style. Mixing these super cute vintage like tops with cute bottoms and accessories made these looks go from gameday wear to EVERYDAY wear. Not only can you support your favorite team, but you can look super chic while doing so :) . Check out the session highlights!

All of these cute t's are available at the Auburn University Bookstore. This shoot was in collaboration with fashion blogger, Syndey Young of: Styles By Syndey Rae.

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