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For the Football Lovers

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

I'm more of a college football fan myself (war eagle!) - but my southern roots and family ties in Atlanta are telling me to RISE UP!

I love watching football. Almost as much as I love celebrating football. Tailgates, super bowl parties, cheesy dips, trash talk, laughs with friends and cold beer are some of my favorite things. Anyone who knows me knows that my hubs and I can put on a great tailgate spread. (My buffalo chicken dip is actually AWARD WINNING - because it's just that good).

So because I love to celebrate football - here are some cute pics to get you in the football spirit, even if you aren't an NFL fan!

I took this group of AU students out on a super sunny day to show off the 2016 Auburn Football jerseys that were being sold at the university store. While shooting at noon is not ideal or my favorite (ugh, harsh light with ZERO shade!) - we made these shots work. Look how cute these guys are?!

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