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Talk about a FUN and silly shoot! I loved spending time with the Patton boys on this warm and light filled afternoon because they were completely themselves in front of the camera. They laughed, played games, teased each other, and showed their sweet brotherly love for one another.

And not to mention their mom, Brooke, is one heck of a mom! I mean, look at those sweet southern outfits. Brooke is about as laid back as they come - there was zero stress with this shoot. So many parents are on edge during a photoshoot (which I TOTALLY understand! You want the photos to be amazing, and you want your kids to be well behaved). But Brooke approached this shoot with a laid back attitude, and simply asked me to capture her boys for who they truly are. Which is fun loving, sweet, and silly.

My photography style is less focused on catching smiles and poses - and more about capturing real moments. Take a look!

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