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Throwback Thursday to one of my all time favorite sessions! I shot this session last November, before my new site went live - and I feel as if this session definitely deserves it's own post, even if it is a little old :) .

The Ard family holds a super special place in my heart. The Ards are some of my most favorite people and we've been friends forever. Kelly and Dalton have been watching out for me since I was a teenager!

The Ards own CrossFit on The Plains, my CrossFit home/favorite place to be. When they reached out to me about photographing their family this past November - I was so excited!

Their little boy, Aplin is such a sweet little guy. He wasn't feeling so well during the shoot as it was pretty chilly and he was battling a cold (poor little guy!). But we were able to power through - and get some super sweet cuddling photos with mom & dad.

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